• JourneyTo☆theStars

    Jan-Feb 2023 | South India

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    This is a call to...outstanding
    Joy Catalysts,
    young changemaking Talents & Thrivers,
    and a Film Crew
    dedicated to make breathtaking things happen!




    This might be the craziest and most unforgettable trip of your life.

    Imagine a tribe of dedicated soulful musicians, shakers & vibers, human connecters, joy catalysts and peace activists travelling through South India. Bringing our joy, our art, our tools, our love, our inspiration to the people. Connecting, celebrating, vibing amongst us - AND connecting to the local crowds wherever we are. To market women, farmers and workers, to the children and the elderly, to the poor, ill and neglected. AND equally to outstanding indian personalities, spiritual yogis, musicians, to eco-social initiatives and local peace & permaculture activists .

    All along the way: We will be visiting sacred places, temples, communities, cultural venues and sights of >> WORLD FAME.

    All that imbedded in a joyful Odyssey through South India - undoubtedly the craziest and most colourful country in the world.

    You can join the journey for any duration you wish

    (Minimal commitment is 1 week)
    Does that sound like a dream coming true?


    Hello you Lover of

    Life, Human Connection & positive Impact:



    Are you inspired?

    Please note:
    This JourneyTo☆theStars is in the making.

    Connect and stay tuned for further details.

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    The Inspiration:

    We are a group of 15 - 25 international musicians, peace & joy activists and supporters - accompanied by a film- and foto-crew. We join for a unique adventure of love, connection and togetherness. We are dedicated to share our gifts and to have a positive impact to the people we meet, to society and to the world as a whole. We are in a joyful service to the Win-Win-Wins.



    You can join the journey....
    >> for the full length of 2 months

    >> or for any duration you wish

    >> the minimal commitment is 1 week

    >> join: you can join us at any one of the defined HUBS (see itinerary below)

    >> leave: you can leave wherever you want


    We go India, we go love, we go joy, we go connecting with high vibe and we go sacredly crazy.

    That’s it. The rest will be history.



    We love life and we share the love.

    We bring peace, joy, connection to the people we meet and to the world.

    We co-create & realise ideas to make this JourneyTo☆theStars a unique venture with positive impact.


    Impact: Win-Win-Win

    Our aim is to create positive impacts and Win-Win-Wins along the way.

    How to do so? Singing, dance and art alone is a means to connect and create moments of beauty and togetherness. But there's much more. I'm curious to hear about your tools, ideas and inspirations. I have a few of those myself....;-)


    1. Win: for us, for myself. Through this journey we fly, we nourish and inspire ourselves. You will gain visibility, network and experiences - for whatever you are doing and in whichever field you are active.
    2. Win: for others, for whoever we meet. We bring joy, attention and inspiration to the people and friends we meet along the way. We connect....and offer a plattform to gain visibility and possibly support from a wider audience.
    3. Win: for the world. We plant positive seeds of joy, peace and inspiration that grow. We try to be role-models and sources of inspirations for others to follow the example.


    Rough itinerary & timetable

    See below.


    Media, social Media:

    As a means of impact & communication I would like to have
    > a fotografer
    > a filmer
    > a FB, Insta, Tiktok-afficionado/a
    on board. Please connect. :-)



    We rent (or buy) an indian passenger bus for us to travel. No upperclass-aircon-thing. Let’s go rustic and really indian. The bus will have a driver and about 50 seats. This allows some space. And allows us to take along local farmers, market-women, families…whatever we meet along the way and needs a lift. Let’s make this a journey of joy to whoever we meet, let’s share good-vibes and give a hand wherever we can.
    For your inspiration see: https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=colorful%20indian%20pilgrim%20bus#



    In guest houses and hotels along the way - to be chosen individually according to your budget.


    Costs, contributions:
    Ideally this peace & upliftment venture is funded through sponsors, foundations and socio-spiritual change angels. An intelligent Win-Win-Win business model is to be implemented.
    >> Fundraisers, connecters, good-doers & sponsors with heart & spirit: PLEASE ON BOARD.

    As long as complete funding is not assured a personal contribution from each participant is needed to cover the basic costs.

    We also will talk about a eco-social impact compensation to make this journey a positive contribution to the Win-Win-Wins.

    All details are in the pipeline. Stay tuned for further details.


    Selected individuals, friends and supporters

    If you don’t consider yourself a musicians, juggler or active peace-worker...

    ...you are still invited to join this journey at a special supporter-rate.

    All details are in the pipeline.




    Are you inspired?

    Connect and stay tuned for further details.

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    JourneyTo☆theStars >> TELEGRAM-GROUP


    With love & joyful blessings:


  • We go India.

    WE GO reLOVEution.

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    Kilian Raetzo

    Host and initiator - in service of the Win-Win-Wins


    My name is Kilian and I'll be happy to tell you more about me once I'll find the right moment....;-) For now in short: I work as a Speaker & Master of Ceremony - Group facilitator - Social enterpreneur - Socio-spiritual activist - Musician - Dance, Yoga, Meditation-teacher.... and much more.

    As a young adventurer I left for my first long trip to Asia in 1991. I was thirsty for the wisdom of the East. And I was looking for a radical contrast to my tiny, well-organised homecountry of Switzerland. As I arrived in India I immediately knew that THIS IS IT: Wild, crazy, colorful, blissful, cruel, chaotic, full of wonders, full of magic, full of delusion, tricksters & cheaters, beyond comprehension and far from common-sense all together. I was in awe. I was in heaven. I was in hell. And I returned again and again. Since 2003 I support several schools & homes for the destitute and children in Kerala, mainly through networking & fundraising. All together I spent over 3 years of my life in South Asia. And I just can't get enough...

    I feel blessed to open you the doors to some truely breathtaking treasures & hidden pearls of the subcontinent. Join me on this JourneyTotheStars.....and back down to our beautiful Mother Earth.
    >> Bio (in german)